Sunday, September 29, 2013

Onions in RC Monfero

This year we have collected some production of organic onions in the garden of RuralC Monfero.
In February´s waning moon we planted onions we had preserved to get seeds.
In late April we transplanted 2 "cientos" (hundreds is a measure used in this zone, "ciento, "medio-ciento") of "chata" onion (Galician onion type) .
In late August 2013 we have collected seeds for next year and the 2 cientos already grown, of which we´ll save some for replanting to get new seeds.
We have dried the others in the "hórreo" (Galicia´s traditional raised granary) and after we have braided them. By this way we can hang up to preserve them better.
You can see some pictures of this process.

Special thanks to our neighbour Gerardina who helped us in the whole process.

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