Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New container in Alg-a

On September 2011, Cidade da Cultura de Galicia hosted the I Encuentro de Artistas Jóvenes where 100 young creators could share and discuss about current position of the artist and the future of contemporary art production.

After meeting participants were invited to make a presentation in a container located at Cidade. This proposal was the collective project "Container Inside".
A modular structure attached to Biblioteca de Galicia, or what is the same, a container as exhibition space, library and documentation center. A space with proposals of creators participants.

Container arriving at Cidade da Cultura.

On summer 2012, and before arrival of the second edition of his meeting, it was time to decide what to do with this container
From Rural C we proposed to donate to Alg-a Lab, association with whom we work and collaborate, developping different projects.
Following discussions of the participants, this was the option granted by people. So the container arrived in Alg-a, in Valadares.

Now, to use, reuse it and reuse it again in its new location.

Performance by Paulina À la Plage at Alg-a Lab on new container´s opening day.

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